Spiders: We're Not Scary—We're Amazing!

Cover Art for Spiders: We're Not Scary—We're Amazing!

If you love spiders, or if you are terrified of spiders, or if you just want to be mind-boggled by some incredible arachnid facts, this book is for you! These little eight-legged creatures are often the stuff of people's nightmares, but spiders are amazing animals that are essential for our world. In this book, spiders set out to convince their human doubters that they really aren't out to scare or harm people. In fact, they are far too busy weaving beautiful silk structures, hunting, keeping insect pests under control, and raising their young to want to frighten humans. Told from a spider's point of view, this fascinating, fact-packed celebration of spiders is determined to turn kids everywhere into spider fans and protectors.

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9 1/4" x 11"
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Library Bound
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Ruth Owen
Lerner Publishing Group (Ruby Tuesday Bo
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